The Force Cult Podcast

This past week I had the absolute pleasure of being on one of the finest Star Wars, nah, one of the finest Podcasts period

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The Force Cult podcast is hosted by Travis English, Jeordie White, Jenmarie, and Jip Hubbard. And it was super cool to get to know them a little better. Continue reading The Force Cult Podcast


I recently draw my friends over at the Making Star Wars’ Now, This is Podcasting podcast. We have Max, Saf, Randy, Jason, and Sal. Listen to them every week for the latest Star Wars news.

PS They were recently featured on the main page of the iTunes store 😆

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Sketch Wars: 50 Days To Go



Jedi News is possibly the greatest Star Wars News site out there in regards to covering literally everything relevant that’s happening currently in all of Star Wars culture.

Mark Newbold has been one of the biggest, and earliest supports of my SketchWars project.

He continues to be awesome and recently let me post a little article about my recent support of

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Memoires of a Lumberjack



Last month I received the honor of gaining my very own special feature on the Now, This is Podcasting podcast called “Memoires of a Lumberjack”.

It is essentially my Nuggets of Joy being read by the very talented Sal Perales in his famed Lumberjack Nick voice.

Click the jump below to check out the best Star Wars podcast that’s out there right now.

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