Commission Brazil

Last week I had the pleasure of doing not one, but two commissions for Marcio Filho from Brazil.

X-Wing 2.0 Clean Webversion.pngX-Wing 2.0 Rough WebversionPlo Koon Finished Webversion.png

These were fun commissions to do as Plo Koon is my favorite Jedi, and I’ve been wanting to try my hand at doing more vehicles. (TIE Fighter next?)

Let me know what vehicles you’d like me to try my hand at, and also let me know who your favorite Jedi is in the comments below

He-Man = Hamlet?

I always have the desire to do non-Star Wars drawings, but for some reason I rarely do them. Something I would like to change.

On Instagram, has a weekly drawing club based on a key word. Last week that key word was: He-Man, so I thought it would be fun to participate.

HeMan Finished Final Done.png

The concept is obvious. He-Man holding Skeletor’s head like Hamlet holds the skull during his famous soliloquy. To solidify the idea, the text, “To be or…Whatever” is placed at the top. That phrase just popped into my head while drawing. Not sure if it ultimately belongs, but the drawing just looked empty without it. Maybe it’s Skeletor saying it, rather than He-Man?

What do you think?

[Copic Sketch Markers and Pigma Pens on Cardstock ]

Trench: Rebel Admiral

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to draw Admiral Trench (from The Clone Wars series), but with a TWIST.

As you may know, Trench gets seemingly killed off several times in the series, but always seems to turn back up. So, what if Trench ultimately survived the Clone Wars, and went on to fight with the good guys for once as an Admiral in the Rebel Alliance? Below is what that might have looked like:


I gave him a jacket similar to General Dodonna’s, his arms are made out of droid parts, and he’s a little bit more raggedy, and a lot more unhinged after being blown-up so many times. Wouldn’t you love to see him show up on Rebels? 

Accurate Captain Phasma, Executioner Stormtroopers, And Kylo Ren Star Wars: The Last Jedi Character Sketches

A few weeks ago I had the unique experience of getting to draw some character sketches from The Last Jedi for Jason over at

Below are the drawings that I did. They depict and updated/more accurate drawing of the Executioner trooper, Kylo Ren wearing a Vader-like cape, and Captain Phasma and her new spear weapon.


Check Jason’s article out for the details after the jump below:

Accurate Captain Phasma, Executioner Stormtroopers, And Kylo Ren Star Wars: The Last Jedi Character Sketches ]


UPDATE: Once again Jason’s article and my artwork has been shared around the internet and have found their way onto some several news sites, including Nerdist News!

Check out the video below. It’s super hilarious to hear Jessica Chobot say “Lumberjack Nick” X-D

[ What Kylo Ren’s New Look Means for Star Wars: The Last Jedi ]

SKETCH WARS: Revisited

I started my SKETCH WARS project back in 2013 for many reasons. Two of which were to teach myself how to draw better, and to create my own style. I like to believe that I’ve come a long way on my journey.

Thus I had the idea to go back and redraw some of my more classic pieces from my Episode VII countdown just to see how much I really have grown as an artist.

I’m calling this series “SKETCH WARS: Revisited”, and the first in this series is of Ben Kenobi based on the brilliant Sideshow statue.

What do you think? Have I grown much?

My other SKETCH WARS drawings can be found at:


Brothers in Arms T-Shirts

Last month I did a collage drawing depicting a group of classic clone troopers, and then I sent out a call to whether or not people would like to parade around with said drawing on their chest. The answer was ‘yes’.

If you’re on the the aforementioned people, please venture over to my brand new T-Shirt shop, and pick yourself up one or three. The shirts come in men’s, women’s and kid’s in both white and black. They only cost $19.99, and 20% of the profits go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

[ T-Shirt Shop ]


Brothers in Arms

There is a generation of Star Wars fans whose love of Star Wars isn’t due to the movies, but rather a TV show.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is what kids, a lot of them teenagers now or older, think about when they think of Star Wars. One of the show’s cornerstones is its large assortment of unique clone troopers.

My “Brother in Arms” piece is a celebration of this cornerstone.

Can you name them all?

Brothers In Arms Print.png

Star Wars: Finn’s Curious Outfit

Recently I had the pleasure if doing another drawing for in connection to costumes that may or may not be worn during Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

No spoilers here except for the the drawing which is below, and if you’re brave enough below that is a link to the spoiler filled article in which the drawing appears.


[ Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Super Star Destroyer And Finn’s Curious Outfit ]



The Nerdist featured the above drawing in one of their videos.

Link below:

Rey’s New Look Star Wars The Last Jedi