SKETCH WARS: Revisited

I started my SKETCH WARS project back in 2013 for many reasons. Two of which were to teach myself how to draw better, and to create my own style. I like to believe that I’ve come a long way on my journey.

Thus I had the idea to go back and redraw some of my more classic pieces from my Episode VII countdown just to see how much I really have grown as an artist.

I’m calling this series “SKETCH WARS: Revisited”, and the first in this series is of Ben Kenobi based on the brilliant Sideshow statue.

What do you think? Have I grown much?

C7ZQ-yaVwAEsFb0.jpg-large.jpeg C7lGwa7U8AAnOIb.jpg-large.jpeg

My other SKETCH WARS drawings can be found at:


Brothers in Arms T-Shirts

Last month I did a collage drawing depicting a group of classic clone troopers, and then I sent out a call to whether or not people would like to parade around with said drawing on their chest. The answer was ‘yes’.

If you’re on the the aforementioned people, please venture over to my brand new T-Shirt shop, and pick yourself up one or three. The shirts come in men’s, women’s and kid’s in both white and black. They only cost $19.99, and 20% of the profits go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

[ T-Shirt Shop ]


Brothers in Arms

There is a generation of Star Wars fans whose love of Star Wars isn’t due to the movies, but rather a TV show.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is what kids, a lot of them teenagers now or older, think about when they think of Star Wars. One of the show’s cornerstones is its large assortment of unique clone troopers.

My “Brother in Arms” piece is a celebration of this cornerstone.

Can you name them all?

Brothers In Arms Print.png

Star Wars: Finn’s Curious Outfit

Recently I had the pleasure if doing another drawing for in connection to costumes that may or may not be worn during Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

No spoilers here except for the the drawing which is below, and if you’re brave enough below that is a link to the spoiler filled article in which the drawing appears.


[ Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Super Star Destroyer And Finn’s Curious Outfit ]



The Nerdist featured the above drawing in one of their videos.

Link below:

Rey’s New Look Star Wars The Last Jedi

Rogue One: A Story Wars Story

For opening weekend of Rogue One I had the pleasure of seeing the movie four times. If you couldn’t tell I was pretty excited for its release.

In my excitement I drew a collage drawing that contains most of the Rogue One cast. Though the movie fully met all of my expectations, my only disappoint with it is that my boy C2-B5 was like the Constable Zuvio of this film, but I prominently featured him here in my drawing.


The piece above was created by drawing the initial pencils on a piece of 110lb card stock, then copied onto a piece of bristol board where I colored it using an assortment of Copic and PrismaColor markers. It was inked using various Micron Pens.

8.5×8.5 Prints can be bought at [ ].

20% of the sells go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Thanks for the support.



Star Wars Episode VIII Drawing for / Luke Skywalker

*This article includes minor spoilers for Star Wars Episode VIII

As a follow up to the drawing I did of the “Executioner” for, Jason asked me to do another drawing. This time it was an accurate depiction of Rey and Luke’s Episode VIII costumes. You can read Jason’s article here: An Accurate Depiction Of Luke Skywalker’s Costume In Star Wars: Episode VIII



Below are just some of the other media outlets that picked up the story, including Nerdist:





Star Wars Holonet

Star Wars Episode VIII Drawing for / The Executioner

Recently Jason from asked me to draw a new character rumored to be in the yet unnamed eighth episode of the Star Wars saga. He’s known as the “Executioner” and, as you can probably guess, will be a level 2 boss fight for Finn.

Please visit to read the article.



After the article was posted on a bunch of other media outlets latched onto the story and a few of which even feature my drawing including NERDIST!! Follow the links below:


Collider Videos