Star Wars Episode VIII Drawing for / Luke Skywalker

*This article includes minor spoilers for Star Wars Episode VIII

As a follow up to the drawing I did of the “Executioner” for, Jason asked me to do another drawing. This time it was an accurate depiction of Rey and Luke’s Episode VIII costumes. You can read Jason’s article here: An Accurate Depiction Of Luke Skywalker’s Costume In Star Wars: Episode VIII



Below are just some of the other media outlets that picked up the story, including Nerdist:





Star Wars Holonet

Star Wars Episode VIII Drawing for / The Executioner

Recently Jason from asked me to draw a new character rumored to be in the yet unnamed eighth episode of the Star Wars saga. He’s known as the “Executioner” and, as you can probably guess, will be a level 2 boss fight for Finn.

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After the article was posted on a bunch of other media outlets latched onto the story and a few of which even feature my drawing including NERDIST!! Follow the links below:


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