A Fun Commission

I recently had a lot of fun drawing J. Large and his five roommates. I’d say this is prime sitcom material here that ABC needs to jump on immediate-like. They even did a live action version of the drawing. I think this only proves ABC is missing a huge opportunity here. PS Their flat looks … Continue reading A Fun Commission



I had the pleasure of creating this brilliant idea as a podcast cover for Chris Ripley (@Max19imus on twitter). You can find out more over at Asty's Nasty Cast   [ Asty's Nasty Cast ]


Recently Jason and Amanda Ward owners of MakingStarWars.com, or the undisputed king of Episode VII spoiler sites, recently asked me to redesign their site’s banner using my SketchWars art. Below is what I came up with. BB-8 is currently on their site’s banner, while all three may show up on their T-Shirts sometime in the … Continue reading BANNERS FOR MAKINGSTARWARS.COM