The Force Cult Podcast

This past week I had the absolute pleasure of being on one of the finest Star Wars, nah, one of the finest Podcasts period

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 8.16.06 PM

The Force Cult podcast is hosted by Travis English, Jeordie White, Jenmarie, and Jip Hubbard. And it was super cool to get to know them a little better.

Here’s some fun facts about the hosts:

Travis is in possibly the greatest meme of all time:


Jeordie is also known as “Twiggy” from the band Marilyn Manson.

Jenmarie first met her husband in line to see Attack of the Clones and has had her blog/website up and running since the year 2000.

Jip has a dope mustache:


Anywho, they are all really great peeps, +Star Wars fanatics. So if you’re not already you should definitely look them up on iTunes (or however nonApple users listen to podcasts) and hit subscribe. Trust me, you’ll love it. Their podcast goes down like a smooth glass of 96 Dewar’s 18 scotch ✖

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