Sketch Wars: 50 Days To Go



Jedi News is possibly the greatest Star Wars News site out there in regards to covering literally everything relevant that’s happening currently in all of Star Wars culture.

Mark Newbold has been one of the biggest, and earliest supports of my SketchWars project.

He continues to be awesome and recently let me post a little article about my recent support of

Check it out here }




Since I started SketchWars back in Nov ‘13, has been one of my biggest supports in getting the word out about this project. Below are a collection of articles they’ve shared about me on their stupendous site.

Star Wars Episode VII Countdown (Dec 22nd 2013)

The Star Wars Episode VII Countdown Continues! (Feb 25th 2014)

One-Character-Sketch-A-Day-Until-The-Release-Of-Star-Wars-Episode-VII” Moves To The Next Level (July 18th 2014)

Update From Artist Nicholas Diak (Oct 16th 2014)

Nicholas Diak: One Year To Go (Dec 20th 2014)



Looks like I’m going to get to be on 1138 Radio soon!

Sketch A Day On Tumblr (March 30th 2015)