What I’ve been up too (part 1)

Over the past month I've been wildly busy with projects that I've barely been able to keep up with it! I'll be posting updates over the next few days of what some of those projects have been (Note: Some are still under wraps so I can't say anything about them yet). Firstly, I've continued my … Continue reading What I’ve been up too (part 1)


Jack Marshall Can’t Do This Comics

This fall I have the awesome opportunity of being part of Screen14 Pictures' webseries, Jack Marshall Can't Do This. The show is a transmedia project as it spills out from the show itself and into social media. Donni, who is one of the characters, posts comics satirizing the events of each episode on her Instagram - … Continue reading Jack Marshall Can’t Do This Comics

The Force Cult Podcast

This past week I had the absolute pleasure of being on one of the finest Star Wars, nah, one of the finest Podcasts period The Force Cult podcast is hosted by Travis English, Jeordie White, Jenmarie, and Jip Hubbard. And it was super cool to get to know them a little better. Here's some fun … Continue reading The Force Cult Podcast

Lost in 2016

2016 was a tough year as we all agree. I wanted to commemorate those whom we lost last year in the hopes that we will never forget these key members of our Star Wars family. *UPDATE* Friend Mark Newbald of Jedi News posted my drawing on his site. Check it out after the jump. [ To … Continue reading Lost in 2016

Sketch Wars: 50 Days To Go

  Jedi News is possibly the greatest Star Wars News site out there in regards to covering literally everything relevant that’s happening currently in all of Star Wars culture. Mark Newbold has been one of the biggest, and earliest supports of my SketchWars project. He continues to be awesome and recently let me post a … Continue reading Sketch Wars: 50 Days To Go

Featured on Geekshow

During a Google search I discovered that the website Geekshow write and article on my SketchWars project back in February of 2014. Check out the awesome article after the jump, and follow the second link for the english translation. { Sketch Wars, aspettando l’Episodio VII } { Sketch Wars, waiting for Episode VII }


  Since I started SketchWars back in Nov ‘13, JediNews.co.uk has been one of my biggest supports in getting the word out about this project. Below are a collection of articles they’ve shared about me on their stupendous site. Star Wars Episode VII Countdown (Dec 22nd 2013) The Star Wars Episode VII Countdown Continues! (Feb 25th 2014) One-Character-Sketch-A-Day-Until-The-Release-Of-Star-Wars-Episode-VII" Moves … Continue reading FEATURED ON JEDINEWS.CO.UK


The amazing Johnamarie Macias over at TheWookieGunner.com was kind of enough to include me in an article she write regarding five other artists who are counting down the days much like I am until we can all finally download The Force Awakens via our eyes into our brains. { Read the article after the jump }


  This past summer I had the awesome chance to talk with Tim and Jason of The Expanded Fandomverse podcast about my Sketch Wars/Sketches4Water project. They have an amazing show dedicated completely to Star Wars fans expressing their fandom in all sorts of creative ways. Check them out anywhere you get your podcasts! { Listen to … Continue reading FEATURED ON THE EXPANDED FANDOMVERSE PODCAST