The Causal Countdown Continues

In the spirit of my original countdown to The Force Awakens, I decided to do a less rigorous, more causal countdown to Rogue One. Below are some of the drawings I've done for it so far: See all of my work at [ ]


A New Countdown Has Begun?

I'm thinking about doing a series like the image below counting down to Rogue One. Good idea? { Ponda Baba } **Update** I'm gonna do it. Starting at the two month mark, Oct. 16th, you can follow the countdown via my social media accounts:

Sketches for Cancer Research

This past year my cousin was diagnosed with Stage Four Pancreatic Cancer. So in an effort to help raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, throughtout the month of September, I will be selling the original, uncolored Sketch Wars drawings that were created as part of the countdown I did leading up to the … Continue reading Sketches for Cancer Research

Crossover Smash Bash Tournament

The Tournament is well under way and you can follow it on my various social media outlets below: Twitter  - Instagram - Facebook I've had a lot of fun creating art of the tournament. Below are some of my favorites I've done. { Crossover Smash Bash }


I recently draw my friends over at the Making Star Wars’ Now, This is Podcasting podcast. We have Max, Saf, Randy, Jason, and Sal. Listen to them every week for the latest Star Wars news. PS They were recently featured on the main page of the iTunes store 😆 { Now, This is Podcast }

A Fun Commission

I recently had a lot of fun drawing J. Large and his five roommates. I’d say this is prime sitcom material here that ABC needs to jump on immediate-like. They even did a live action version of the drawing. I think this only proves ABC is missing a huge opportunity here. PS Their flat looks … Continue reading A Fun Commission