The New Sketch Wars

In November of 2013 I had the crazy idea to draw one Star Wars character a day counting down the 760 days that remained until the release of Episode VII. The catalyst for this idea was simple enough: To learn to draw better.


The quest was soon after christened: Sketch Wars.

Once December 15th 2015 arrived and I had completed my quest, I began to wonder what the future of Sketch Wars should be. It took me two years of wondering but to make a long story short I decided to transition Sketch Wars from a platform that encourages myself to grow as an artist into a platform that encourages others to grow as artists. And so the Sketch Wars Drawing Club is born.

Here’s how it works is: I post a drawing prompt onto my Instagram and Twitter  accounts, then participants throughout the week complete and post a drawing based on the prompt. They then post their artwork onto their personal Instagram and Twitter accounts with the tag #sketchwarsdrawingclub.

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Since I started SketchWars back in Nov ‘13, has been one of my biggest supports in getting the word out about this project. Below are a collection of articles they’ve shared about me on their stupendous site.

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Update From Artist Nicholas Diak (Oct 16th 2014)

Nicholas Diak: One Year To Go (Dec 20th 2014)



Looks like I’m going to get to be on 1138 Radio soon!

Sketch A Day On Tumblr (March 30th 2015)



The amazing Johnamarie Macias over at was kind of enough to include me in an article she write regarding five other artists who are counting down the days much like I am until we can all finally download The Force Awakens via our eyes into our brains.

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