‘Space Opera’ Prints

A week or so ago I finished my Second Star Wars Collage in what will certainly be an unending series of collages (if Disney has anything to do with it…meaning they’re going to be making Star Wars movies until the end of time…and therefore I’ll be making collages based on them for just as long.)

Anyway, please forgive the exposition and free your pockets of those unwanted dolla’, dolla’ bills.

Your Star Wars: A New Hope print is waiting for you in my lovely shop. Like always 20% of the profits will go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Only $12.50!

*A New Hope Final Posted Print.jpg

For a limited time, I’ve also included an option that will let you purchase both the A New Hope, and Rogue One print together for only $18.50! This option is only for cool folks though.

If you’re beyond cool, then there’s also a pre-order option for my upcoming Empire Strikes Back print. If you pre-order I’ll send you exclusive updates as I work on it.
Rogue One Print.png

[ Lumberjack Nick’s Shop ] <— be the cool guy/gal and buy a print(s). Thanks! ✖

Rogue One: A Story Wars Story

For opening weekend of Rogue One I had the pleasure of seeing the movie four times. If you couldn’t tell I was pretty excited for its release.

In my excitement I drew a collage drawing that contains most of the Rogue One cast. Though the movie fully met all of my expectations, my only disappoint with it is that my boy C2-B5 was like the Constable Zuvio of this film, but I prominently featured him here in my drawing.


The piece above was created by drawing the initial pencils on a piece of 110lb card stock, then copied onto a piece of bristol board where I colored it using an assortment of Copic and PrismaColor markers. It was inked using various Micron Pens.

8.5×8.5 Prints can be bought at [ SketchWars.bigcartel.com ].

20% of the sells go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Thanks for the support.



Travis’ Drawing


My cousin Travis, who is currently fighting pancreatic cancer, asked me to draw his three favorite Star Wars characters for him. So as a continued effort to raise money to finding a cure I’ll be selling prints of this drawing and donating 100% of the profits to PanCan.org.

Get yours at SketchWars.BigCartel.com

Sketches for Cancer Research

This past year my cousin was diagnosed with Stage Four Pancreatic Cancer.

So in an effort to help raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, throughtout the month of September, I will be selling the original, uncolored Sketch Wars drawings that were created as part of the countdown I did leading up to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Sketch Wars - Cancer Research

Continue reading Sketches for Cancer Research



As I’m sure you know these next hundred days are very special as they are the last hundred days before the film we’ve all waited our entire lives for actually shows up at theaters. Therefore I’m bringing my SketchWars project a little closer home. Over the past year and a half I’ve been drawing one Star Wars character everyday counting down to The Force Awakens in support of Water.org. I still strongly believe in what Water.org does to help people all across the world have access to clean water. Continue reading SUPPORT OF FORCEFORCHANGE AND UNICEF



In Nov. 2013 I began the journey of posting one sketch a day counting down to the release of Star Wars Episode VII.

That’s 760 days. As of today I have 278 to go.

Visit SketchWars.org to view my drawings.

Visit Sketches4Water.org to find out more about the cause that is spurring on my campaign.