So I had a baby…

On March 3rd Emilia “Emi” May Diak came into the world and fell immediately into my heart.


The past few months I’ve spent getting to know her, and figuring out this new life of being a father. Let me tell you, baby’s are no joke, but they are sooo worth it! I can be so frustrated with her, and then she can give me a little smile and all of the frustration just melts away.

A lot of my art has taken a back burner, but as we get more acclimated to our new life together I’m hoping to get back to it and finally start working on some of those comics that have been living inside my brain for decades now.

At any rate, the first set of Sketch Wars Paper Figures are now available. Just follow the link here to download yours and find instructions on how to print them out and get them collected all over your desk/bookshelf.

I also want to say that having Emi in my life has also giving me a greater love, and appreciation for my wife and everything that she does. She is so amazing, and such a great mother 🙂


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