Trench: Rebel Admiral

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to draw Admiral Trench (from The Clone Wars series), but with a TWIST.

As you may know, Trench gets seemingly killed off several times in the series, but always seems to turn back up. So, what if Trench ultimately survived the Clone Wars, and went on to fight with the good guys for once as an Admiral in the Rebel Alliance? Below is what that might have looked like:


I gave him a jacket similar to General Dodonna’s, his arms are made out of droid parts, and he’s a little bit more raggedy, and a lot more unhinged after being blown-up so many times. Wouldn’t you love to see him show up on Rebels? 

5 thoughts on “Trench: Rebel Admiral

  1. If he were to return to Rebels, the only suitable way I see him being killed off that does the character justice is a direct cruiser-to-cruiser confrontation with Thrawn in which Trench goes out in a LITERAL blaze of glory!

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    1. Dee Bradley Baker, of course! He is the original voice actor for Trench, which is easy since he already voices Rex and the other clones.
      I bet Trench in rebels would sound the same but wheezier since he was stabbed in the lungs.

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